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 d'Vhid Area Builds

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PostSubject: d'Vhid Area Builds   d'Vhid Area Builds I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 29, 2009 12:52 pm

DM WhisperNinji has given me a ruff draft of a perhaps d'vhid home... If you would like to see it, let me know and i will send it to you.. ANYONE in d'vhid can see it.

ALSO I know Sane is also coming up with a version of a d'Vhid base..

IF anyone in d'Vhid wishes to make a d'vhid home, let me know and just do it..

Sarafin and the staff is cool people and they accept our suggestions and ideas.. so people, get to building..if youwish

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d'Vhid Area Builds Evanna_Sig1a
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d'Vhid Area Builds
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